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New guy from Socal!


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Hello and good morning Kamado Guru, my name is Jesse and I reside in Whittier, CA. I've been smoking on my large BGE for about 2 and half years now and love it.




I mainly cook Chicken, Tri Tip and roast lots of peppers for salsa on the BGE. I've also done a few turkeys but still need to perfect it, I've found that it really is a science and getting all the steps right.











My neighbor and I have been battling it out for years, we both started off on the evil gas grills and slowly moved over to charcoal. He always had an electric smoker and would use it once in a while but once I brought home the Egg we both started smoking more and more. He evolved onto the Treagger and a Weber Kettle, I'm not really fond of the Treagger but the Weber I'm really starting to like. Many times we get both together for bigger cooks like this weekend for Valentines Day, we did 10 Rib Eyes, veggies, Salmon and chicken.






Now on to the main reason why I searched for this forum of experts. I recently picked this up (what I believe to be an Imperial Kamado) off of craigslist last night and need to know more about it.




Right now this is the only picture I have of it cause when I got home last night it was getting dark. I'll get it a bit more cleaned up this weekend and see if I can find any kind of markings on it. It appears to be in really good shape on the outside, the fire box is cracked a little but it's currently stuck inside so it might be worst once I get it out. I've seen a few threads on guys restoring these but can't remember what forum they were on or were I saw them. So if we have a few here please feel free to share them here. Thanks all and hope you enjoyed the pics.



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Welcome to the forum!


Can't wait to see more photos of your new find.


Thanks, I've made plans to get at it this weekend and really give it a good scrub down. Told the wife to leave me alone for the day but we'll see how that goes. For some reason these have been popping up like crazy around here right now. Already saw another 2 on craiglist, one was the same price as mine $40 and another one for $200. Next one I see I might crab it just in case I need parts, haha. 



Welcome to the forum!



Great to see another SoCal griller here. Welcome!



Welcome from just down the road in Laguna Hills :-D


Thanks for all the welcomes guys and fellow Socal dudes. How about this weather, huh? 

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Had some time this weekend to clean it up and check for cracks. Only 2 small hair line cracks by the plug box, nothing too bad and can be fixed. The fire box however is a different story, it has cracks all over it and I'm not sure it's worth fixing. What do the experts think?


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