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Crispy Chicken Skin - Myth or Not

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Looking for any help advise on getting a crispy bite of chicken skin.

Whole bird



Thighs - I've pulled the skin and cleaned off the under layer of fat to leave an ultra thin skin. Dry rub 225 until 195 internal. No luck

Lollipops - same and as well salt baking powder 2:1 dry brine in the fridge over night. 325 until 195 no luck.

And yes, I paper towel dried first.

Sometimes add thin olive oil same result.

I am almost ready to use my looft lighter to pre dry skin before a cook (not really, maybe)

Please help.... This rubbery wrap needs to go.



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I sprinkle with kosher salt, dust with baking soda and leave in the fridge overnight. It will get you a bite through skin, but it is impossible to get crunchy chicken like deep or pan fried off any grill, kamado or smoker.....it ain't gonn'a happen!!!

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I agree with all of the above.


I started at 300 and kept moving it up each time. I fount that 375 to 400 or max 425--- direct ---will give nice skin if it is cooked direct.


At those temps if there is any sugar in the rub it will blacken but still taste great.It is not a money shot however and one of the reasons that I do not post pictures of my chicken---but the family raves about it. Kick'n Chicken is a rub that does not burn and does well at these temps.


For smoke i use a couple of  just larger than golf ball size chunks of Pecan. I find it really adds to result.


I find a couple of slits on the thighs and flipping at timed ten minute intervals works and avoids things going too far.


I also find when cooked fast like this--- the chicken is much better cooked to around 195 instead of 175.


Yes Andy is right that you will never get crisp skin like you get when frying but it is still very good. There is never any skin left on the plates.

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