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best setup to cook pork chops?


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I have had little luck in the past but want to try again. Usually they turn our dry and i think maybe i was cooking them too hot.i have grillgrates and the divide and conquer set up

Just want temp and set up ideas. Thanks

Also these are not thick cut or anything special, just regular cut. Thanks again

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I use a technique that I picked up from Cooks Country Mg. that promised nice crisp on the outside but moist, tender, and juicy on the inside chops. I use bone in thick cut chops from Cost Co. I skewer the chops so they stand up on the bone end Like this. 




I smoke the chops at about 350 indirect and standing up for 15 minutes. I then pull the skewers raise the heat and sear them no more than a minute or two on each side.   (works both on the kamado or the gasser) I have done this so many times, I no longer check for internal temp if I stay at under 19 to 20 minutes they turn out perfect every time. I use Pecan smoke. If you have a taco rack you can also use that to stand the chops up during the first part of the cook. Make sure to put the bone end down towards the heat. 

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Here is what it looks like on my gasser (couldn't find a kamado pic). 



I generally do a CI pan of sliced apples, sweet onions, Montreal Roasted Garlic Herb blend, olive oil and enough chicken broth to keep the contents from burning. 



On the plate it looks like this. 



Family staple. I do it at least once a week. Perfect moist chops every time. The apple onion topping is killer. A little salad and that's all you need. 


Happy cooking

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