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Sourdough pizza - daaaaaang!


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Got your attention?



Family pizza night.  Started a batch of sourdough pizza dough this morning.  I can't say enough about the chewy consistency of the dough post cook.  I also made my own sauce for this cook.  Let's jump right in!


I started out rolling a BIG 15" crust.  This was for the kiddos, pepperoni with black olives.  It was a challenge to handle this large pizza, I need a larger peel.  Cooked at 450 for 13 minutes.






So, the kids pizza looks great and trust me, I enjoyed it as much as they did but now  we move on to what I'll call an experiment.

I rolled this one out to a point, then placed it on the paper and used my fingers to push it the rest of the way leaving a distinct ridge.  I then gave it an additional 1.5 hours to rest while I lowered the temp from 450 to 350.  ( I ultimately had to bring the temp back to 400 and believe this is best done at 375 - remember "experiment") 


Loaded heavy with Genoa salami on the bottom, then a heavy drenching of sauce.  A nice coat of cheese and then fresh onion, black olive and mushrooms with more cheese.  I loaded this one up pretty heavy,








Such a nice looking pizza, yum yum yum!  I can't say enough about the way sourdough changes the mouth feel of pizza dough - very nice.  Thanks for looking and give it a try.





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Great looking pizzas. Going to try a Sourdough pizza sometime this week.

I like the way you shaped the dough in the "experiment". The more I make pizzas the more I realize how one handles and stretches the dough makes a huge difference in the final outcome.

Very good job with these.

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Thank you very much everyone, they did turn out very nice, perhaps my best pies to date.  Although I have focused on thin cracker crust I do plan on taking a journey with thicker more substantial crust like these for some time.  I want to master it.


Here is the recipe.  I also posted it in the recipe section.  I added instant yeast because I use the quick dough cycle of 45 min.  I always let it rise for several hours.  You could easily skip the instant yeast and let it ferment overnight, that would probably throw it over the edge.  Show me what you got!  This is a pretty freak'n sticky dough, watch it as it kneads because you might need to add flour depending on how wet your starter is.  My starter is like pancake batter and I normally end up adding 3-4 T of flour.




3 cups of all purpose flour - 360 grams

2 cups of fed, active sourdough starter - by volume (1 cup of dormant starter fed and allowed to double).

1/3 cup of bottled water

3 T olive oil

1 t sugar

1 t instant yeast

1/3 t of salt




Load the machine according to your machines instructions (or just use your favorite method).  Use the quick dough cycle and let it rip.  *watch carefully for the first 5-10 minutes, due to the differences in sourdough starter you may need to add more flour or water to get a nice ball of dough.  My cycle warms the ingredients for 5 minutes and then kneads it for 15 minutes with a 15 minute rise.  I always let it rise for at least an hour or 2.

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