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Here's a photo (not mine) of the Joetisserie on a Vision.

Joe Skrodzki built the original Kamado Mate and it was marketed by Gary Bertassi who owns the Griller's Hall of Flame in Indian Orchard, Mass. Both Gary and Joe have posted on this forum.  Kamado Joe

They work with about any type metals not just galvanized.

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I think the inside diameter is about 18.75in vs 18 on the joe, and the outside diameter of the keg is 20.75 vs 22 on the joe. This leads me to believe it wont work. However i think somebody said it works with the 19 in vision. Idk.

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So i just ckecked again and there are peeps on kg that have a joetisserie on a vision b. Vision b has inside specs of 18 7/8in and outside of 22.5in. This would lead me to believe it could work. I however dont want to be the one to drop 250 to test it out.

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It's too bad it doesn't fit on our Kegs. I have been thinking about attempting to fabricate something like this that would fit my Keg. However it won't be easy & would likely require tools and machinery to build that I don't own or have access to. I wonder if the person who built the Original "Kamado Mate" rotisseire would consider making a run of them if we had enough interest? Anyone here know how to contact him?

Anyone interested in this?


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