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bosco's Italian Pizza Fatty


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First of the month brings a new challenge and I have been thinking about this all of February.  


Today I got up early and got both the 23" set up for low and slow and then 32" up for a bake.  


I started out with some of my home made Hot Italian Sausage that I made late last year.  I skinned them and got them ready for the fatty.  This fatty was made from pork.




after skinning them, I added sliced green olives to the meat and mixed it all up by hand




Next step was to roll the meat out.  Rather than making a total mess, I filled a freezer bag and rolled it out inside the bag.  




I then cut the sides of the bag open with a knife and prepared the stuffing for the fatty


I started with some fresh made pizza sauce




next I added some mozzarella cheese and pepperoni to the middle




next I diced up some mushrooms and hot peppers




using the cut freezer bag, I folded the roll and formed the edges to seal it all up




now time for the bacon!




I weaved the bacon for the outer layer




I thought that an angled bacon wrap would look nicer for presentation.  Man this looks good!!!




Only one way to make this look better........


Lanes BBQ Rub 










Onto the KK 23" it went at 250 degrees for 5 hours 


A final look before it hits the grill....




I used White Oak to give it more of a traditional pizza oven taste.... this was a good call for sure.  It really added a great smoke profile to the meat




this thing was smoked well and still super juicy on the inside


I made some pizza dough yesterday in preparation of this cook.  In my mind I thought about making this fatty like a calzone.  I rolled the dough and encased the fatty inside of the pizza dough.  The 32" KK was settled in at 550 degrees with the KK baking stone heat soaked for over 5 hours!!!




Once all enclosed, I put this on the 32" KK for about 8 min.




I pulled it off and placed it on a bakers rack to let it cool and not get soggy.  The dough was nice and crispy all the way around




Sliced it open to take a look at the inner working of this fatty.......




You can see just how juicy it remained inside.  It was incredibly delicious 




And finally sliced up for lunch!!



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