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Marshall Lucky

Cedar Planked, Reverse Seared, Twiced Cheesed Burger

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Howdy, Pards! 


Inspired by RogerFromCO's reverse seared Buffalo Burger with black olives (http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/26709-my-first-two-reverse-sear-cooks/?hl=buffalo), I wanted try something similar and at the same time, up my personal game in the Burger World.  I'd had never reversed seared a burger before, nor used black olives as a topping.  Please, join me in my education of the culinary arts of grilling.


I started with a pound and half of 80/20 ground beef in a large glass bowl.  I added and hand blended 4 fresh minced garlic, 1 tbsp Dizzy Pig's Snake Venom rub to bring a little spicy heat, 3 tbsp of olive oil, 1.5 tsp each of salt and black pepper, 1/4 cup of Worcestershire sauce to kick in some zing, and 1/3 cup of Italian style bread crumbs to finish it off some zag.  I was able to make 6 Quarter Pound patties, two to grill now, and four vacuum sealed for other days.




Using an empty cardboard tube from a paper towel roll, I used the "volcano" method to set up my hickory lump.   Also, dropped a couple of cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol to help light the lump.    I find using this method helps me to get a quick fire.






Now, in upping up my game in regards to burger cooking, I wanted to do a reverse sear method where I cook the burger low and slow first, then finish it off with a quick hot sear.  And, to add an additional layer of flavor, I was going to do the low and slow on a cedar plank, skipping any other smoking chunks so the subtle cedar flavor would become a star in this act.  In prep, I had been soaking the cedar plank in the kitchen sink for 3 hours.  I weighted the cedar plank with a full bowl of water to keep the entire plank underneath the water.  I put a thumb dimple in the center of the patties and placed them on the cedar plank once I hit my grill grate target temp of 255 degrees F.  Also, had on hand a spray bottle of water just in case the cedar plank had a flare up. 






While the burgers were doing the low and slow cook, I started on my toppings.  I like a burger with just four or less toppings.  I'm of the persuasion that too many toppings takes away from the flavor of the seasoned meat.  My four toppings were stewed onions, bacon, black olives (thanks, again, for the inspiration RogerFromCO) and American cheese slices.  Yyyyyeees, Sir!  Not a fan of a salad (lettuce and tomato) on my burgers, just saying, you know.


The stewed onions idea came from the October/November issue of a Cook's Country article.  There's a burger joint in Wisconsin that serves a butter burger and they stew the onions rather than use them raw or totally caramelized.  I wanted to try this method for the onions.  I rough chopped a small onion and added it to 1 tbsp of melted salted butter and 1 tbsp of water on medium heat, then covered.  Cooked the onions until they were tender, then uncovered to allow the onions to cook just to the point of beginning to brown.  I added and mixed in the black olive slices to the finished onions and kept the sauce pan on warm.  In tasting them, the buttered up onions were fantastic!




Next topping, I fried up some bacon slices.




Cooked the burgers on low and slow until the Internal Temp of the meat hit 160 degrees F.




Pulled the planked burgers off the grill and upped my grill grate temp to 500 degrees to do the reverse sear.




For the last topping, I slapped on two slices of American cheese for each burger.  Wooooooo, Buddies!  'Ol Marshall Lucky loves him cheese.




Assembled and plated my cedar planked, reverse seared, twice cheesed burger.






Now, Pards!  It's time for 'Ol Marshall Lucky to enjoy a sweet tea mixed with Black Heart spiced rum and a squirt of lime; and, a bite of burger.  Yyyyyeees, Sir!

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I am now tempted to try olives on a burger. I never would have thought of that.


You should.  I never had thought about it too.  But, it is the bomb! 


If you like black olives, you would not only like the flavor, but the texture is also very good with the burger.


Hanging around this site, has really opened my eyes to possibilities. 

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Marshall, to what degree could you taste the cedar? Anything you would do differently next time? They look great!


At the low and slow temp of 250-260 degrees F the smokey aroma and flavoring of the cedar reminded me of a woodsy/savory taste.  It was a subtle flavor though, not too strong so as to over power the burger.


If I had cooked at a higher temp, the flavoring may have been more pronounced as the plank would have steamed a little more.  One positive is that the lower temp didn't char the plank.  I think I can get a few more cooks re-using that plank. 


I got the plank at my local Home Depot in their grilling section.  They also had maple planks.  With the remaining patties I vacuumed sealed, I may try a maple plank at the same 250-260 degree F range and see how that flavor differs from the cedar.


I had done salmon a few times on cedar planks and have enjoyed those cooks. 


In my research, I found the cedar planking method is used mostly with fish.  Hanging out here on this site has showed me so many great cooks and methods that are "out of the box" thinking.  I enjoy that kind of experimenting, tinkering and learning about cooking.   So, I figured I would give a burger on cedar a try.  I think I may even try some veggies like cauliflower and zucchini to discover the flavors from the steamed planks.  And, I would like to soak the plank in different liquids like beer, apple cider, or orange juice and see if that adds a different flavor. 

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