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Costco's New Kamado... Pit Boss

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On 7/17/2017 at 8:22 AM, lastJoe said:

How are the bowls holding up on these. $399 here at our Costco too. I thought they dropped to $299 last year, no?


Mine is flawless. Having said that I believe KJ's have cracked as well. So the assumption that the ceramic is somehow more versatile on a KJ doesn't make sense. As far as quality comments, I have noticed that a lot are based on display models. I can tell you for a fact that display models are not put together with care. The fit and finish on mine is solid. 


Lastly, so what if the cooking area is 21" on the inside? I can do anything on my PB that someone can do on a KJ. 

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Get a KJ.  Or an Akorn if budget concerns prevail.


I have both. Like any product, they can be picked apart for something or another. They both have a good amount of forum data that can shore up any misgivings. Next to nothing significant on the KJ.


My KJ has been super. Many others will back that up.


I have looked at other Kamados, and these two top my list.


My father always told me " you get what you pay for", I have not disproved that statement in 56 years.


I have rarely heard someone say,  I went cheap, and am confident that the eventual complaining I will do will make things better.



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