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Hello all from Los Angeles, CA


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Grillings Good Folks,


My name is David and I am new to Kamado cooking and so I'm looking forward to learning much about this new process from many of you. My experience is novice at best and this new interest is in part due to becoming a sales rep for Kamado Joe this past December for the Costco Roadshows. 


I'd like to put the word out on my schedule in case some of you may be interested in knowing my whereabouts of my Costco Roadshows. I do apologize if I have chosen the wrong place to post this information for you and respect any decision the moderators make. My intention is to post information on the Kamado Joe Brand, not to spam or become a nuisance to this forum in any way.


I look forward to getting to know some of you and learning much more about Kamado style cooking.



David Cantu

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Welcome from down the freeway in Laguna Hills!


I might have bought a bunch of charcoal from you at the Fountain Valley road show a few months back.


BTW I suspect the best place to post road show schedules would be in the "Kamado Joe" forum down under the "Talk About Your Cooker & Accessories" sub-forum...

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Thank you good folks. Hi "JaxxQ", I was the guy doing the Woodland Hills show. I need to get my picture posted on my profile and will be doing that. I hope that bad boy is doing good. I just got a Classic early this week so I'm going to start some ribs up next week. Thank you again! 


Hi "bwarbiany." Thanks for the tip on where to list. I'll try that out as it makes total sense. 


Have a great day all.




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