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Costco Kamado Joe Roadshow - Santa Maria, CA 3/18 - 3/26

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Grillings Everyone,


Kamado Joe Grills will be at Costco Wholesale in the city of Santa Maria, CA from Friday March 18

through Saturday March 26 with the 24" Big Joe, the 18" Classic Joe and the 13.5" Joe Jr. These grills come complete

with a Sturdy Cart with locking caster wheels, Shelves, the Divide & Conquer Grille, grille accessories and a cover. (No cover for the 13.5" Joe Jr.)


You can also pick up Kamado Joe Lump Charcoal at a great price.


Don't miss the opportunity to get these models at rock-bottom wholesale prices with a Kamado Joe Manufacture Warranty from trusted Costco Wholesale.


***You will need a Costco Wholesale Membership to purchase these grills.***



Contact David at 818-863-6197

Or just come out to:
Costco Wholesale
1335 S Bradley Rd
Santa Maria, CA 93454
(805) 928-8459




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      Kamado Joe Classic I for sale, 4 years old, used condition, has crack on firebox (as probably all used Kamados) but that doesn’t affect the cooking. NEVER used lighter fluid always used high quality chips / charcoal

      Wheels replaced last week
      Gasket replaced last week
      Back springs replaced 2 weeks ago (now the lid won’t fall by accident!)

      Cast iron cart
      Finished Folding HDPE Side Shelves
      3 deflector plates
      2 half-moon stainless steel grate
      1 grate/grill lifter
      1 ash poker
      1 accessory rack
      1 flexible cooking rack
      1 pizza stone
      1 soapstone
      1 grilling glove

      Asking for $550 OBO.
      Pick up at North Miami Beach (33162), can deliver to Miami-Dade/Broward for a fee

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