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  • Similar Content

    • By PennHead
      My brother has been trying to go gluten-free, so I figured what better time than a KG challenge to find something he could eat that actually looked appetizing.  The base recipe for this dish came from http://www.cottercrunch.com/gluten-free-one-pot-bbq-cherry-pork-chops-quinoa/  
      Most of the gluten-free ingredients.

      Mixed the quinoa and bone broth, placed pork chops on top.

      Poured in the evoo, balsamic vineagar, bbq rub, cherry juice, bbq sauce, onion powder, granulated garlic, salt and pepper

      Covered, and out to old smokey  around 250-300 for an hour or so

      After an hour

      Flipped the chops and stirred the quinoa and cooked uncovered for about another 30-45 minutes at around 325-350.

      It turned out quite tasty, and it is a really easy gluten-free one pot meal.
      Plated with green beens

      Thanks for looking, ......now get to cooking.......
    • By PennHead
      I had a brisket that was just begging to be smoked and well it is the "Beef" challenge so.... I started with a 11lb choice packer, trimmed it and rubbed it with steak seasoning.  I was having friends over for some college football Saturday and had a little too much fun Friday night so I was not up early enough to do low and slow.  Turbo brisket it was.

      On to old smokey at 350 indirect with some local pecan chunks.  I put a drip pan with the trimmed fat below the brisket.





      Plated with bbq baked beans and my no knead bread.

      Thanks for looking. 
    • By PennHead
      After scouring the web for ideas for Mediterranean cuisine, I came across "Tartufata Pizza" and thought I would give it a try.  I started with crimini, shiitake and oyster mushrooms that I roasted at 450 for 20-25 mins.  While they were roasting I simmered whole garlic cloves in extra virgin olive oil.  I discarded the garlic cloves and added some dry thyme to the oil and placed it in a bowl with the mushrooms and allowed them to cool.


      I spread out my no-knead dough and added the mushroom mixture and fresh mozzarella with a little extra olive oil.



      Then it was out to old smokey @ 450 till done to your liking.






      Thanks for looking.
    • By PennHead
      For the July challenge I decided to give duck a try.  I had my brother pick up a Culver Farms White Pekin Duckling, Buddhist Style , at Saigon Oriental Market and Deli.  The employees gave him a few pointers on seasonings and recommended the Japanese yams to accompany the duck.  I saw many different versions of smoked duck and decided to try the tea smoked version.
      I rinsed the duck and left it uncovered in a tin pan overnight, then rubbed it with salt, pepper and garlic and put it back in the fridge for several hours.  I stuffed it with half an onion and a quartered orange and had old smokey holding @ 300.


      I placed whole tea leaves 1 cup uncooked rice and 1/2 cup brown sugar in foil and placed the pouch in the coals.

      I glazed the duck with a honey and soy mixture and put it on the grill.

      After and hour I added the yams and re-glazed the duck.

      Glazed it again after another 30 mins, the duck was small and cooking quicker than I expected.


      After I smoked the yams, I sliced them and seared them in the reserved duck fat.


      Thanks for looking.
    • By PennHead
      For the "Now That's Italian!" April challenge 
      "Pollo arresto con limone, aglio e rosmarino"  Roasted chicken with lemon, garlic and rosemary.
      Base Recipe 
      1 (4-5 lb) roasting chicken
      5 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
      2 sprigs fresh rosemary
      4 large cloves of garlic, peeled and halved
      salt & pepper
      1/4 cup olive oil
      3lbs new potatoes
      Mix the olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and rosemary in the dutch oven and roll the chicken around in the mixture until it is covered.  Remove the chicken and line the bottom of the dutch oven with the potatoes and return the chicken to the pot, add salt and pepper. 


      Cover and put on Kamado at 375 for around 30 mins.

      Uncover and cook another 45 mins or until the juices run clear.


      Plated shots


      Thanks for looking.
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