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Review of 24 Inch Pit Boss Kamado


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Ok, here you go.


I bought the Grill on 3/25/16 at Costco in VA.  Cost was $599.00 and included the side shelves, stand, ash tool, & Cover.  It is a 24 inch model.  The unit was packaged very well, with no shipping damage whatsoever.  Assembly was straight forward with having to assemble to stand first and the grill itself is preassembled.  Stand has 2 locking wheels and is very sturdy.  Shelves  and handle is made out of bamboo.  Did an initial burn in and then started cooking on it the next day.  Initial burn in was light and hold temp at 250 for an hour, then raise to 350 for hour, then 450 for an hour and finally 550 for half hour, then shut down.


I have a deflector plate on the way to me and will post pics when I receive it.


Saturday, did smoked mushrooms with Hickory, Smoked lemongrass chicken wings tossed in a Ghost Chili BBQ and Sweet chili sauce, grilled burgers, Squash.  Sunday did whole boneless leg of lamb rubbed with a salt/garlic crust, lemon juice, thyme, oregano, Rosemary.  Also did grilled Asparagus.  

Tuesday, did 14 Day dry aged Prime Sirloin Tip & Chicken Breast rubbed with Sugar and Bourbon .


Here are some pics of the grill, hinges, and food that came off of it.






















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Thanks all for the comments on the food.  Like I said previously in another post.  I was waiting for the Costco Roadshow for the Kamado Joe Big Joe, but wasn't sure when they were going to be at my Costco plus it was still $1,199.00.  The Pit Boss was $599.  At half the price, I just couldn't justify the KJ anymore.  The food coming off is spectacular, can cook low and slow as well as high.  The 600 I saved will go to a Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 in a few weeks.  I am just trying to find it for less than the $3,200 most want for it.




Now if the roadshow does come, I may get a Jr.  That may be worth it.

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figured I should add this to the new forum as well...


I bought the 24" Pit Boss ($599) from here in Atlanta and have noticed a few things...  The build quality is fairly solid, all the loose handles and hinge comments were likely unfinished or rushed assemblies at the stores.  I assemble my grill and everything is tight and working properly however there were to missing fasteners in the band that the shelf brackets attach to, so one of my shelves only has 6 of 8 fasteners and the other side has 8, which is fine any heavy meats I will just make sure to put on the right shelf. I ordered the heat deflector from the pit boss site and have smoked a butt and a ham last weekend which both turned out well. My observation with the deflector is that it sits up high and if you turn it over so the legs point up the grate is wobbly because of the hinged grate design, so I use the double decker grate and put the meat on the top but my ham was almost in the top vent.  I don't know if I set the bottom grate directly on the deflector if that would get too hot? Just a note, I also bought the Big Joe divide and conquer and it does not fit, it is too big, roughly the same diameter as the felt ring on the pit boss . One more difference that I noticed is the top vent it only has the daisy wheel but it is not hinged like the BGE or KJ so you can completely open up the top, but the holes in the vent are larger which seems to pull air adequately. I am in the process of hopefully validating or atleast relationally understanding the dome thermometer temps to ambient readings from my igrill thermometer.  It holds temp well and I look forward to messing with it some more honing in the temp and smoke levels.


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Well Sir, that is a fine looking grill and some great looking food you cooked on it. Looks like you are well on your journey into kamado cooking. As a side light, thats a beautiful cooking spot you have. I cook on a deck as well. I would recommend one of those cement laminate BBQ mats under your grill, they work pretty well and protect your deck from sparks and such. 

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Hi got one of these myself in the UK but I cannot get any accessories here. I was looking at the divide and conquer but that has been kiboshed with what you have found regarding that. i was wondering what else could fit as a deflector, maybe XL BGE?

Thanks for sharing your pictures and thoughts. There was not a lot of information out there but it seems a few people on here are starting to purchase a few of these grills now so hopefully there should be a lot more information available soon.

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Well Sir, that is a fine looking grill and some great looking food you cooked on it. Looks like you are well on you journey into kamado cooking. As a side light, thats a beautiful cooking spot you have. I cook on a deck as well. I would recommend one of those cement laminate BBQ mats under your grill, they work pretty well and protect your deck from sparks and such. 

Thanks for the comment on the deck.  It is a Trex Transcend Deck with solid Cedar rails and the post caps are lit up with the Trex LED system.  We also have our stair risers lit up as well.  We originally were going to do white railings, but since our screened in porch and front porch flooring is Mahagony, the Cedar railing matched very well and look great.   A bit more maintenance, as they do need to be restained with Sikkens Cetol every 2 years or so, but it makes our railings really pop.


I looked at the mats.  My concern is the mark the mat would leave if you leave it out.  I may get the mat anway and use it during cooking and then remove it afterward when storing the grill.  I only remove ash when the ashes are cold so no change of a hot ember going astray, but still want to protect the deck.  Do you have any issues with fading or permanent marks being left by the mat?


What accessories are available for this kamado? It sure looks nice and even better on your deck.


Pit boss sells a deflector on their website, but they charge 20$ shipping.  Someone posted a link to get it with free shipping at the same price.  Here it is:  http://www.appliancesconnection.com/louisiana-grills-60131-i685492.html


Louisana Grills and Pit Boss Grills are the same.  All made by Dansons. 


I ordered a heat deflector that should be here soon, but I did a low and slow boneless leg of lamb raking the coals to one side and putting the lamb on the opposite side, essentially creating an indirect cook, but if you want to use the whole grill space for a indirect, you will need the deflector  I use the BGE grate grabber to move grates around when warm.  I also ordered an Ash Dragon Firebox divider:




As well as the GrillGrates for an BGE XL which should fit:




Oh, and this meat injector as well.  Been wanting to get one of these for a while now.




I think with these accessories, I'm set. 

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What accessories are available for this kamado? It sure looks nice and even better on your deck.

Accessories are limited but you can get the heat deflector from the pit boss site or Louisiana grills site same manufacturer (Danson's) Also here: http://www.appliancesconnection.com/louisiana-grills-60131-i685492.html (no shipping $).  It comes with a hinged dual grate system which is nice.  I have inquired about a digiQ from bbq guys so I should find out shortly if there is one available.  Aside from that I bought a KJ pizza stone and grill grippers. I made a ambient temp probe holder out of a 1" pipe strap. I plan on comparing the size to the XL BGE to see if there is any similarity in fire bowl diameter because there isn't much out there for this grill by the manufacturer.  

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yeah if you leave it out the mat will cause discoloration on your deck. I just don't really care about that and leave the mat out anyway. I do have some out door carpet mats that I use to protect the deck against spatters and stains. Those I leave in the garage and put in place during cooks and then remove them after. If you are concerned about deck coloration I would suggest doing the same thing. That way you get protection during the cook when the grill is hot and the flame active. 

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