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Review of 24 Inch Pit Boss Kamado


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Just picked up one of these after a lot of reading on Kamados. I was set on the VIsion S from HomeDepot but very concerned about the air leaks that have been reported by some users. I must say the vision is a very nice grill but the cheaper cost of the Pit-Boss from Costco made me decide on going that route. I also wanted one that had more of a standard lower vent to try and avoid air leaks. Not sure if this one will be 100% leak free but so far has been solid. 


Once I put it together I cured it for about 3 hours and with only a hand full of lump charcoal I managed to keep it at 200-220 for around 3 hours, then it slowly started gong down to normal temperature but it took about 5 hours. 


Since this is my first kamado I'm still learning what the possibilities are. The next day I made some burgers, but unfortunately I underestimated the heat produced by this grill and left them for a bit too long. The following day I made some chicken tights while carefully watching the time and temperature and these things were amazing! 


I have some accessories coming soon like the heat deflector, pizza stone, KJ Chicken stand, and some better charcoal since what I bought at Lowe's has very small pieces that just seem to burn to fast. I will be doing some pizza this weekend, and learning more on temperature control and will attempt to smoke a brisket. 



I'm also pretty new to cooking overall as I always let the wife handle the food. I do my occasional grilling, but nothing like I have seen on this and other kamado sites. This will be a new learning experience for me, but I'm very much looking forward to it. 

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One thing I like about the Pit Boss and that it also shares with the Vision kamados is that the bands for the dome and base are in a groove so it is not possible for the dome or base to fall out if the bands get a little loose.


Never understood why KJ/BGE/Primo don't incorporate that design into their kamados.

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 I ordered the heat deflector from the pit boss site and have smoked a butt and a ham last weekend which both turned out well. My observation with the deflector is that it sits up high and if you turn it over so the legs point up the grate is wobbly because of the hinged grate design, so I use the double decker grate and put the meat on the top but my ham was almost in the top vent.


I purchased as well from Costco and am loving the grill.

Does anyone know of any other heat deflectors that can be used? I purchased a 18" one by accident. it obviously does not fit.

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Pit Boss has the same grate size as the xl grill dome. Their indirect cooking rack might fit. Other option might be from Ceramic Grill Store. They have a spider for the XL Vision which might fit the Pit Boss. (keyword is might) ☺

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So I received my Pit Boss Branded heat deflector last week and did 2 Beer Can Sitting chickens last weekend.  As one person mentioned before if you use the heat deflector flipped in the lower position, the grate can get wobbly.  If you turn the grate though and position it just right, the problem goes away.  The chicken came out delicious and the heat deflector worked well. 

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Hi got one of these myself in the UK but I cannot get any accessories here. I was looking at the divide and conquer but that has been kiboshed with what you have found regarding that. i was wondering what else could fit as a deflector, maybe XL BGE?

Thanks for sharing your pictures and thoughts. There was not a lot of information out there but it seems a few people on here are starting to purchase a few of these grills now so hopefully there should be a lot more information available soon.

Hi hutchys.

I'm in the UK too, and have struggled to find accessories over here, and they won't ship deflectors to the UK, presumably because of the breakable Ceramics.

I think I've found one that will fit, from a UK seller. I'll check the size with them later and I'll send you a link.

Any tips from your experience with the Pit Boss so far?

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Hi all, first post here!  I purchased the Pit Boss K24 from Costco about three weeks ago and will share my first impressions (and pics) after a couple of cooks.


Similar to others, I was a little skeptical as the hinge on the display model in Costco seemed extremely wobbly, but after looking at all the components, included accessories (cover, side tables and ash tool) I put it down to shoddy assembly in store.  Based on the grill I received, I would say this was accurate. Mine is extremely sturdy and there is no wobble whatsoever in the hinge.  Everything seems to be fairly high quality.


Putting it together was relatively simple as long as you have a helper to lift the grill onto the cart once assembled.  The cart itself seems very solid and the wheels and locks both work very well. I have noted that a couple of the washers on the cart are rusting already after being kept outside under the cover, but I am not that concerned because I will only be using the cart for a couple of months until I build a new grill island for it!!


So far I have cooked a spatchcock chicken, roasted at about 380F for just under an hour - which turned out great.  The 4lb chicken looked puny in the middle of the large grill surface! It was simple to hold the temperature under 400 and seemed very stable.


Yesterday I smoked 21/2 racks of ribs and had intended to do so at about 225F, however, I struggled to get the grill down to that temperature.  I think perhaps I lit too much lump using the paper town, veg oil method - I just lit one sheet rolled and dipped into a hole in the middle of a full firebox.  Got it going fine, but I think it was too hot by the time I closed it down.  I was able to get it to hold at about 295-300 for the whole 5 hour cook and the ribs came out amazingly (I followed the 2-2-1 method, but just cut down the final 1 to about 40 mins to account for the higher temps). However, in order to hold the temp at 300F I had Both the top and bottom vents completely closed, which tells me too much air is getting in.


I suspect the bottom vent is the primary culprit so I have ordered some gasket felt to try to seal that up and will report back once I have tried again.  There is also a reasonable amount of smoke coming from the daisy wheel even when closed - it seems to come from the join between the upper and lower part of the wheel - anyone else noticed the same?


I also ordered the heat deflector directly from Pit Boss (wish I had read this forum earlier to have saved the $20 shipping!) and used it for the rib cook - it is not great.  It does not fit the notches in the ceramic particularly well (though well enough) but if you use it feet down, it a) sits very high and B) leaves nowhere to sit the grill.  If you use it feet up I think it works better, but the feet then require the grill to be placed very precisely in order to avoid the hinged opening. For $70 plus $20 shipping (if you order from Pit Boss) I think there might be better solutions out there, however, I was able to achieve what I had intended with it.


Overall, I am extremely pleased with the grill and think it represents an excellent value at just under $700 all in.





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However, in order to hold the temp at 300F I had Both the top and bottom vents completely closed, which tells me too much air is getting in.

I suspect the bottom vent is the primary culprit so I have ordered some gasket felt to try to seal that up and will report back once I have tried again.  



The bottom vent slide leaks air when closed because it sits loose in its top and bottom tracks.  I called Pit Boss tech support (really nice) about this and they said that, because of patent issues, they had to eliminate the second inner spark screen slide that is used in some other Kamados manufactured at the same factory in China (Auplex).  It is important that the bottom vent be air tight for low temperature control plus the ability to completely shut  down the Kamado at the end of a cook in order to reuse the remaining, partially consumed charcoal for the next cook.
I came up with a fix that has worked well for me.
I first remove the slide by taking out the two right side vent frame bolts and sliding it out to the right.  I then gently bent the slide so that it had the same radius as the frame tracks.
Using some self adhesive gasket felt (I used Kamado Joe brand), I added a 3/4" wide piece to the back side of the slide next to its finger tab:
I added another 1 1/8" wide piece of felt to the the left inside of the ceramic opening, wrapping around to the front ceramic surface to fill the space between the left inside edge of the vent frame and the opening:
After reassembling the slide and frame bolts, I adjusted the spring tabs at the top and bottom edge of the slide with a small slot head screwdriver to slightly compress the felt while still allowing smooth, easy sliding.  The two felt additions seal both the left and right side of the slide when closed for end of cook shutdown and also the right side for consistent low temp control.
Here is a view of the back side of the lower vent with the slide completely closed:
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