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Chicago Style Pizza Boats


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Personal sized Chicago style deep dish pizza cooked without a pan (boat fashion).

I got this idea from an awesome kamado cook on another forum. She made a breakfast boat using pizza dough. I knew the idea had lots of potential.

I started with a batch of my deep dish pizza dough divided in two. I made a traditional Chicago style deep dish - sliced mozzarella on the bottom, Italian sausage, sauce and a final sprinkle of shaker cheese. While adding the ingredients I folded up the sides to make it a self contained boat.


I baked it in the KK using the upper rack and pizza stone at 452*. After 10 minutes I pulled it and added a little shredded parmesan, some fresh sliced mozzarella and a few pepperoni.


I put it back in and baked it another 15 minutes.


Not bad for my first attempt although next time I'm cooking it at 450*. This has a lot of potential for other dishes not just pizza. Here are a few ending shots.




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Wow! That looks excellent. Nicely done.

Do you cook the pizza the whole time on parchment paper or do you remove the parchment paper at some point?

TY Chuck0531 - I cooked it the whole time on parchment although I could have put them direct on the stone after the 10 minutes pull. Parchment doesn't affect the browning one way or the other.

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Wow, That's like a cross between a pizza and a calzone. I gotta try some of those soon.

I actually thought that dough would be great for making calzones. Make a double batch and split it 3 ways.

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