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First Kamado Brisket

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First brisket on my PitBoss, third brisket ever and my last one was six years ago. The butcher I went to didn't seem to sell a lot of briskets for smoking, I asked for a ten pounder for my family of four, so he took a heavier brisket and trimmed the fat cap off!

Any ideas? I'm thinking maybe bacon strips?

I'm going with the family method for this first milestone, and that means Italian dressing marinade, and no rub. I'll change one variable at a time until it's right.a41f6ac51d96c470c2c48bb75bf6d9f0.jpg0cf4994d651d6e5259cb6b9f5724892c.jpg

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Cook it, with what would be fat cap down. I regularly trim the fat between the flat and point, it allows you to rub more area, and it's easier to cut for burnt ends. Maybe just put a piece of foil down before the brisket.


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