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Great deal on Char-Griller 6201 Smokin' Stone Amazon $20.51 F/S with Prime

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That is a really great deal for those! At that price, even if you have one, it'd be great to have a back-up. Not much more than the cheap Academy cast iron griddle with a Weber charcoal rack. If I still used my Akorn, I'd get a couple of those for sure!

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Nice price, bot it thnx.


Just a heads up, still shows "More than 11 available.", however, my cart said "Usually Ships in 3-6 months." and "Estimated delivery: Aug. 162016 - Sept. 272016"


Worth waiting for, we'll see.

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Good news... I bot this April 18 with the est. delivery date Aug 16 - Sept 27. Just rec'd an update email with a new delivery date of May 2. Looks like the ship has hit port!

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Like dholly I got an update from Amazon - expect to get it on May 2.  KEWL


Amazon still has them for sale - I changed the URL from Amazon.COM to Amazon.CA - price jumper up to $60CAD  ouch :-o

Yup, Canadians get screwed on pricing a lot.  Especially with our dollar where it is now.

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