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Almost got rid of my dog today! Grilling woes.


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So as the title says, my dog (well the wife's dog) is in my "you know what" list. Here's the story.

So tonight I was going to cook a nice meal since it has been a crappy weekend. My wife and I spent all day yesterday in the ER because I messed my back up and my back was spasming so bad that I couldn't walk or stand up. After all day there and a lot of muscle relaxers and pain killers (gotta love military hospitals), I could almost stand up so I got to come home.

Fast forward to today and I am feeling a little better. I can walk very slowly and since our Saturday was pretty much ruined and I was stuck at home all day because of the back, I decided to make a great meal. I pulled out some prime grade filet mignon and some asparagus. I wrapped the asparagus in the joe Jr. and got that cooking. I took the 2 nice, beautiful filets and rubbed with salt and pepper. Once the asparagus was done, I opened the Jr up and waited for it to get hot so I could get a nice sear on it. Once it was ready, I went into the kitchen to get the meat. I was now MIRACULOUSLY missing my biggest piece of steak! We looked around and only found a toothpick that was holding the bacon on! I also found one dog the was snuggled up on their bed in a food coma! Needless to say, that dog ate the damn thing and my wife and I had to split the other filet. It turned out great and the bacon wrapped asparagus was delicious. Now I have a dog for sale! Lol. Sorry for the lack of pics.

Tl/dr: my wife's dog at my prime grade filet mignon!

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Reminds me of one of my favorite stories from "back in the day".


Buddy of mine had a bad day once and on that day promised himself a big prime steak with mushrooms, onions, and a huge baked potato. He thought and talked  about his coming meal all day. On the way home he drove out of his way to the best butcher in town and selected the perfect steak, one with a price equal to the downpayment on a house. He also picked out a nice red at the wine shop next door.  Once home, he turned on some music,  laid everything out in preparation,  and started the fire in his Weber kettle. He then went in and took a shower to wash the day off. When he returned to the kitchen his steak was gone. As he looked around he saw his Rottweiler backing out the doggie door dragging his steak on the kitchen floor. He (my buddy) leapt for the steak, just  grabbing the end of it as it started to go through the doggie door. A tug of war through the doggie door ensued with the Rottie being the eventual winner.  :) Moral to the story;  When it comes to steak, "man's best friend" looks out for himself ..

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My rottweiller did that, once. I had a big tri tip uncovered on a gas grill. I went in to get another beer. When I came out the dog had lifted the

roast. It was too hot for the dog to inhale. I think the heat corrected her, she never tried it again. 

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