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Seared Ribeyes on the Kamado Joe

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John how do you get the carbonized crud out of the bottom of the channels on the GrillGrates? I have tried using a narrow cold chisel with some sucess but the results leave a lot to be desired.

I spray my GrillGrates with a little oil before each use. When I'm finished, I use the fork spatula that came with them to clean out the channels. You could also burn it out mostly just by leaving them on the extra hot kamado for a while...

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I'm on my fourth cook with grill grates: 2x 1.75'"ribeyes, 1x 1.75" porterhouse, and 1x a bunch of hamburgers, brats, Italian sausages. I can't say enough good things about them. A little Pam spray the first few times and they clean up nicely. The food has pronounced grill marks, good browning between the grill marks, and very little blackening that always seems to happen to me at 700 degree temps.

The set for a 19" round kamado was about $80, with shipping. A little pricey, but they seem built to last. I consider it money well-spent.

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