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24 in Pit Boss Kamado now in Ontario Costco


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Dropped into Costco in Ajax Ontario today and picked up a 24in Pit Boss Ceramic grill. $799 plus tax and it also included a cover.

I've been patiently waiting and after viewing the floor model i was really impressed. It appears much thicker than the Louisiana  grill sold at Canadian Tire.


Going away this weekend so assembly will have to wait.

Will keep you posted!



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Same for Québec, just bought mine two days ago (PB K24).


I was looking at other topics about Pit Boss, especially regarding the heat deflector.  They have all these other ways (spider, ...), but most of the items are bought in the US or UK... I can't find any suspenders or spiders for my kamado to put a pizza stone to act as a deflector (looked at Homedepot.ca, amazon.ca, ....).  I can't find any cheaper solution in Canada than to buy the original PB heat deflector.  Does anyone have an other idea???



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I have the Pit Boss ceramic heat deflector and I think the deflector sits too high.


Going to drop by my local metal store this week and see if there's any SS round stock on the end cut racks.

I'll try to get something fabricated in the coming week.

If they have lots of end cuts and price is right maybe I can fabricate a few additional drop rings.


In the mean time here's some pics from my first cook (Beer Can Chicken) 

375 deg for 2hrs and the experience was awesome. 




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The ceramic grill store in Denton TX has the spider and deflector plates for the PB24. Ordered mine this week. I believe they will ship to Canada. Check out their web site, www.ceramicgrillstore.com.

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