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Wanted to get y'all's thoughts...

I have a Vision M Series - Modified - The Sam's Combo unit, that has the gas grill/searing unit on one side, Kamado on the other...it is the Vision M Series, but it is a slightly modified version, so std M series accessories are said to not fit. Ticks me off, but I'm a Marine...I adapt and overcome...Hahaha


I have .050" stainless steel readily available at no cost, and an ornamental metal fab shop that shears/punches/etc things for me at a decent price.


I'm thinking of having the pieces in the images made for me - the size SS plates I have available are 10" x 34ish"...I am thinking of having the shop shear some 1" wide pieces and break press them into the shapes I need, then weld them dead center to create 2 different height plate holders...then also having them shear and weld 2 pieces together to make a deflector like shown...


Thoughts? Y'all have a lot more experience with all of this than I do...


Also, I saw somewhere, might have been here, that someone took their charcoal grate out and used a SS basket like the one in the pic (sans handle, it comes detached and will go in the junk drawer so my wife can ask me eleventy million times why I kept it) for ease in cleanup etc...I already have one of the baskets and it fits pretty nice, less than an inch from the ceramic to the basket all the way around...Or would it better to just keep the cast iron piece in there? This seems like it would allow a lot better airflow...the one issue I have with the Kamado part of this set-up, is that the bottom air vent is "within" the table, so air movement is minimal...(see image)...is this a normal airflow deal with Kamado tables?


Thanks, all!!








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I don't know if they are phasing it out or what, but online it has said not available online or in stores for the last couple months, but they had this one still crated at the store...so I grabbed it...kinda wish I would have gone with a standalone grill and a standalone Kamado, but I'm doing some good cooking with it!

This is the promo pic from the Sam's site


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Given you have a Vision M, you might be interested in the gear Ceramic Grill Store (CGS) makes to fit it. Might give you some ideas anyway. IMO, they make great high quality gear. 



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See, though, this is the issue with this combo grill - From the CGS M Series Woo page - "Please note, the M Series Woo does not fit the M Series grid that comes with the Vision gas and kamado grill Combo sold at Sams Club and other retailers."

Thus why I am making my own...*insert sad face emoji thingie here*



Given you have a Vision M, you might be interested in the gear Ceramic Grill Store (CGS) makes to fit it. Might give you some ideas anyway. IMO, they make great high quality gear. 



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Depending on how much time I have, I'd much rather the charcoal flavor than the gas, but I have used the gas side 4 to 1 over the Kamado so far...I don't get home from work til 630 or 7 most nights, so it is purely a matter of time...

I'll have the heat shield and stuff made this week so next weekend will be the first true smoking in the Kamado...looking really forward to that...

Great looking table, by the way!!


That's a great looking setup!


I have to be honest though, I just gave away a 4 burner gas grill to my friend that's sat unused and covered in my garage since the day I brought home my Kamado Joe. Good luck on your custom pieces!

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Monte M,


Thanks for posting this.  I bought the same grill and equally frustrated on not being able to find a heat deflector that works for this setup.  Really wish Sam's had included this with the combo grill, makes no sense that they didn't.  Have you found anything that works yet?  How about a multi level cooking rack?



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