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Overnight cooks and spritzing the meat

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So I was gonna wait until next week sometime but saw an opportunity to try out a no-spritz, unattended over night cook last night and it was great!

In fact, I would say that these beef short ribs were the best ones I've ever done!! Moist and juicy and clearly spritzing is not required at all on these Kamados :)


Here is some info on my cook:


Key info:
  • First overnight cook
  • Started cook at 1am
  • Meat on at ~1.45am
  • Low temp 220F
  • No spritzing or moisture added at all during the entire cook
  • Kamado Joe Junior with Kick Ash Basket
  • Top vent: ~2mm open
  • Bottom vent: Flame Boss fan
  • Opening the lid in the morning (after ~11 hours) it looked fantastic and had a nice bark.
  • The meat was tender like butter at 195F internal which I tested by poking it with a wooden skewer.
  • Oddly enough, after closing the lid again intending to take the internal temp to 203F, the meat temperature dropped from 195F to 192F which was a bit odd.
  • I decided to take it off at that point and put it, tightly double wrapped in foil, to rest for 60min in the cooler.
  • Fat had rendered nicely.
  • Meat was incredibly moist, juicy and flavourful.
  • Very little signs of a smoke ring.
Next time:
  • Start earlier and expect a 12 hour cook
  • Put more wood chunks into firebowl to hopefully get more of a smoke ring
  • Try running at 225F or even 250F and see how much this shortens the cook time
  • Go slightly heaver on the seasoning. Salt amount was good but could've used a tiny bit more pepper/spice.
And some pics to seal the deal :)
After 11 hours, first time I opened the lid:
And after resting for 60min and slicing into it:
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@jannisg - I bet you never spritz again! Beautiful cook. Smoke ring isn't about how much smoke you lay on the meat. You can manufacture smoke ring very easily with pickling salt or pick salt or curing salt. Soke ring is about a chemical reaction. Search AmazingRibs.com for a really good explanation. Again, that cook is mouth watering wonderful! Kudos and congrats. I'd say you're well on the way to being a Kamado Guru! :)

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