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How many butts on a KJC at once?

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How many pork butts have you folks cooked at once in a KJC? I'm trying to load the freezer up in preparation for the arrival of a new kiddo and am wondering how many you can fit/have fit in the past.  I'll be using the costco butts which tend to be 8-10lbs.  I think two is a pretty tight squeeze on the main grill and am wondering if I can do a third on the extender but am not sure how that works.  Has anyone tried ti lay them on their sides?  Would that get you one more on the main grill?


Also, what is the timing you've experienced with two butts (approximate)?  If you've done two on the main grate with a third on the extender I'd be interested in the cook time (approximate, I know, I know...its done when its done).


I'll probably be running at 275-300 on the maverick.


Thanks for the input Gurus!

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UTVol - congrats to you and your Bride on the pending new arrival! That's wonderful.

Be careful to leave about an inch between the butts. Whatever you do, do NOT butt them up one against the other. That's the surest way to a VERY long cook. Butted up against each other makes them cook like a single huge clod of meat and it'll take forever to cook.

To use an extender, you can get 3 or 4 butts total. No big deal. Just put in the extender, place the meat onmthemgrill, and get after it. Again, don't let the butts on the extender touch.

Have fun and stock up on sleep now, because soon, sleep will be just a happy memory! ;) The most peaceful moments of my life were the 2AM feedings with both my kids. I remember those days and I smile.

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Thanks CC! I was able to avoid the middle of the night feedings on the first one but we'll see how he does when his sister cries in the middle of the night. I expect double duty is coming my way.

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I have done three 8 pounders laying on their sides and one on the extender. I trimmed off the fat cap on all and trimmed the butts to make sure they fit underneath the extender. I cooked for about 12 hours at 275. Had to pull the whole system out and give a stir to coal then went another two hours. They turned out okay, but not the best I've had. I was also using the big joe and the jr cooking butts at the same time did a total of 12 butts total. It was fun!

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I did four on my Akorn with the warming rack, three in the main grate and the one up top. I wouldn't recommend doing it again but it worked. The two cookers are similar in size but the KJC has much better racking options so I'd say you could comfortably fit three or four with an extender. I'd probably go ahead and debone/tie them for uniformity and fit to make it go as smooth as possible. This is all speculation though as I've only cooked on the Akorn and now a Big Joe.

Best of luck to you and congrats on the new addition!

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