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Mother's Day cook

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Due to my schedule mother's day came a day early for my wife and my mom. I just did a simple dinner. I had two filets wrapped in bacon, 2 ny strips and a piece of salmon. This was my second cook on my kamado joe and first really using the divide and conquer system. I set my grill up so the bottom level was half heat deflector and half ss grill. I also put an ss grill on the top level above the stone. When kamado settled at 400 I put all the steaks in the high position above the stone. I let them cook here until an IT of around 100. I then moved them to the lowest grate to seer. I immediately put the salmon on the top level to cook. I turned the steaks over a few times letting both top and bottom get some nice color. The filets were done first at 125 IT. The NYs were bigger so they took a little longer. I covered the filets and NYs as they came off the grill to keep them warm and let them rest while the salmon continued to cook. All the steaks were seasoned with just pink salt and pepper. When I pulled the fish off it was so tender it almost fell apart. The salmon was for my mom who's 74 and she loved it. All I did to the salmon was mix some yosada sauce and Ms Dash together. I then brushed that on the salmon and then let it sit for a while.These were taken with my cell phone using the flash because without it they were really dark. Not sure why but using the flash made them look more medium than rare. They were much pinker in person. My little dude always come out with me when I bbq. He loves the new KJ, it may have something to do with me telling him I bought it because red is his favorite color. 


Forgot to say I did not get a picture of the salmon after it came off.





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That's a wonderful cook! I'm especially impressed by your Sous Chef! Talk about sweet face with just bait of ornery shining through! You're a very lucky man. Congrats and kudos to you for the cook and Happy Mothers' Day to your wife and mom!

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