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Prime Rib Steaks & Jrow Taters

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After seeing @Jrow's awesome spud post from a while back, I knew what I was gonna cook tonight, steak and potatoes! We had a birthday party to attend this afternoon so I thawed the remaining 3 pound Prime Rib Roast I had from a few weeks ago in anticipation of cooking some steaks on Big Joe. I also took this as an opportunity to use the new mandolin slicer Mrs. Cue scored, brand new in the box, at a yard sale for 8 bucks a month or so ago.

I got to work with the mandolin on some Yukon Gold potatoes, sliced them thin but not too thin, and arranged them in my oiled 10" Lodge skillet. Every spiral layer got a liberal dusting of ground black pepper, granulated garlic, and Herbes de Provence. The final layer got the same treatment with the addition diced applewood smoked bacon and extra virgin olive oil brushed on top.


Indirect on the Big Joe:


Some butter, green onions, and Parmesan cheese:


Finished with some shredded cheese:


As per the the sage advice of our very own @CeramicChef, always keep well hydrated while creating Kamado Goodness:


While the potatoes cooked I cut up some steaks and got them ready for the Joe. The plan was to reverse sear these as they were well over an inch thick.





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