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Boy I Screwed Up!

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I use the 14 inch diameter griddle from Academy sports as a heatshield. It's weighs about 12 pounds it's very heavy cast-iron it should last forever. It does have a small lip That tends to pool Grease so I have always covered it in aluminum for oil for easy cleaning.

Well I was out of aluminum foil the other day when I cook two butts. The cook went fine but I forgot to clean the griddle and it had a good bit of pool grease on it when I fired up for the next cook. The smoke came out black when I started the fire and put the heat shield it smelled terrible didn't even get to do the cook. When I hadn't burned off all the grease On the heat shield but that killed enough time so I had to go to plan B for the cook .


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Pressed aluminum foil steam table pans employed as drip pans are so inexpensive that I always put one in my cookers for low-n-slow cooks. Clean up is just so easy … you just toss 'em in the trash. That certainly beats plans disrupted and time wasted in having to rescue a messy situation.

Recovery is doable, just a PITA.

All the best!

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