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Unsweet, unsmoked BBQ sauce recipe

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I created this BBQ sauce recipe because I dislike almost all commercial brands due to the sugary sweetness and the added smoke flavoring. I like my smoke flavor to be natural, from slow wood smoking.


1- 28oz can Tomato puree. (Cento is the best brand Ive found)

3-cloves finely chopped garlic

2oz finely chopped onion

3-tsp prepared whole grain mustard. (I used my favorite Sierra Nevada stout mustard)

1-tsp Old Bay seasoning blend (Old Bay has many wonderful ingedients)

1-tsp Cumin powder

3-tsp Worcestershire sauce

4- tsp Balsamic vinegar (because balsamic is naturally sweeter and smoother)

1/2 tsp ground black pepper

3 oz Aged Tequila (or Whisky if you prefer)

Add some chili heat now if you like


Heat all ingredients very slowly to 190F to cook off alcohol and marry the flavors. 



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Mr. Beerbeque, we may just be kindred spirits... Most recipes I see online have lots of brown sugar, honey and/or other sweeteners, which I don't want on my food. I'll be trying your sauce out over the next little while as I get to now my new kamado grill. I'll let you know what I think, and I thank younin advance for sharing.

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Hey, Beerbeque, I made your sauce for the first time yesterday to try with my first ever batch of pulled pork. I made it as per the recipe, except for substituing gluten-free soy sauce for the Worcestershire sauce. The only real difference between gluten-free and regular soy sauce is wheat, which I've never been able to figure out why it's in soy sauce, anyway. I couldn't use Worcestershire sauce, because there are gluten issues in my family, and I wasn't sure that WS is safe (there's no claim to being GF on the label). I also used tequila for my spririt. The verdict was nice, but I found that the tequila got lost under the tomato; in fact, most of the ingredients got lost under the tomato, although it was NOT like putting tomato sauce on my food; it had much more flavour and complexity than that. Recognizing that personal tastes are different (and vive that!), I'm going to start playing around with it to finesse it more to my family's particular likes. All this to say, I like your sauce, and with a few experimental tweaks over the summer, I think it may well become one of my kamado go-tos. Thanks again for sharing!

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