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Parchment paper vs butcher paper

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I'm planning on cooking some brisket today and I was interested in trying the Franklin method but I only have parchment paper. It's rated up to around 400 degrees. I'm wondering if it would work the same way. I saw butcher paper at costco but it was a huge roll of 900 feet. That's a bit more than I'm going to need. Anyone tried this with parchment paper or any reason why you guys would try it?

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Parchment paper is a specially treated paper (it's run through a sulfuric acid bath) and the treatment process changes the quality of the paper.  Parchment paper isn't as porous as regular uncoated butcher paper.  Parchment paper is essentially a polymer with a relatively high density compared to uncoated butcher paper.


Uncoated butcher paper is quite porous compared to parchment.  When butcher paper is used to wrap a cook, it allows the cook to transpire and thus the bark is maintained.  Parchment paper's effect would be more akin to wrapping the cook in aluminum foil.  The bark will become quite moist.  


Personally, I'm not a big fan of wrapping and don't do it.  I guess you could, but know that the bark isn't going to be bark as you probably know it.  I also guess that you could unwrap the cook during the last hour of the cook and reset the bark, but at that point, I would ask what is the point of wrapping in the first place.


Best of luck on your cook.

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Remember Franklin is not cooking in a Kamado so he uses the paper to keep the brisket in a moist environment. Your brisket will be wrapped in a moist ceramic environment.

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