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It doesn't get better than this.

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I'm sitting in my back yard with 2 pork butts on my vision classic b, a brisket on my kj classic, and some roast beef going in the anova sous vide. I'm in the middle of 5 days off from work. I got some cold beers in the fridge, my mets won last night and are on later. I don't get to many days like this. Oh did I mention it's going to be a beautiful 80 degree day today. I've got my bluetooth speaker fully charged and streaming in my backyard.  Plan on relaxing all day and just doing a bit of cleanup and maintenance on my yard that's over do.  I may be grilling some chicken breast on my big green egg mini today. Looks like this will be the first time the whole fleet is going. 


Now on to the cook. Pork butt number 1 is dry rubbed with a sweet bbq rub I've been enjoying from costco. Pork butt #2 was seasoned with a dry rub my wife made which I know nothing about other than cumin and brown sugar. I'd guess it also has spog or something like that. It was injected with criolo MOJO.  The brisket is about a 5 pound flat and rubbed with Oakridge bbq sample beef and pork rub ( I've enjoyed the other samples so far). 

My vision is holding steady at 240 give or take a couple and  my kj classic at 225 give or take a few . I will post pictures later. 


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The picture of my little blue car is just to show, how I get stuff home since I don't have a big truck or suv. 60 miles round trip for work = that car has saved me a fortune and has 130,000 miles on it. I hope you guys love my probe holders they were very expensive. 





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Thanks everyone for tuning in, the brisket was very tender but just a touch dry. I think next time I will try wrapping it for the stall. I think part of the was because it was a small flat. Both of the pork butts pulled beautifully and we're very moist and tender. You can see in the pictures it had a nice smoke ring and pulled very fine. I did not get a shot of the pork be for pulling. Overall it was a great day just hanging out with my son and I still have 2 more days of vacation. Later on today I will be throwing the roast beef from the Sous vide into a hot grill for browning then into the freezer before putting it on the slicer. Like joe said life's been good so far. Did I mention I finally got all new patio furniture the other day so we actually have some place nice to sit. 


I hope everyone has as good a weekend as I did. 

Sincerely steve






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