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Hey, everyone!

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@Mmmmm - you're back! Don't be such a stranger! What have you been up to? Don't you have a catering or custom BBQ business that's keeping you busy these days? Give us old farts the 411 on this deal.

Thanks, CC! I have a business business and then a BBQ business and both are doing very well. We are up to 7 employees in our business so my role has become more administrative than being part of the labor force. As for BBQ, I just lit my big cooker a few minutes ago as I have a wedding reception for 500 guests tomorrow afternoon. We are still doing the BBQ special night at the restaurant once a month and those numbers have grown from a low of 63 plates in May of last year to a peak of 168 in April of this year so we've had to streamline our kitchen operations to keep the plates going out the window on time. We have added ribs to our restaurant menu as well so we are now serving ribs, brisket, and pulled pork.

That pretty much sums it up. How have you been?

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@Mmmmm - it's good to hear you're hitting on all 12 cylinders! I couldn't be happier for you. Congrats on both businesses. As I remember, one was in the dirt moving/construction area, right? I'm really happy that your BBQ business is taking off. When will I see you on BBQ Pitmasters on The Travle Channel! ;)

Things in my life are still very calm. I cook on the KKs most evenings. Some friends and I are in the process of conducting a Kamado 101 set of postings over at another BBQ website. I'm about to go live on the Internet with a new business in the education area. we're trying to give kids a jump start on how to succeed at the University level.

Other than that, it's the same old stuff day in and day out. Get up, work out, SSS, eat breakfast and drink coffee with the Buds, go to the office, arrange for lunch, back to the office until about 4:00, home, light the KK, a lite workout again, watch the evening news, eat, relax, hit the hay after the 10:00 news. Exciting, huh!?

That's all about me. All the best, to you, your wife, and family! Be well. And don't be a stranger!

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