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Smoke Of The South Rising Up In Central Iowa


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I'm excited to be here to share, but mostly to acquire the wisdom of the gurus. I'm in middle-central Iowa and have been smoking pork, brisket, and chicken since 1989. At that time I had move from WV to Memphis, stopped in Corky's BBQ my first week there, and my life was  turned around. I craved the deliciousness and sought out locals who knew what they were doing. My first smoker was a metal garbage can mod, and it was from there that I spent the next 8 years trying to perfect the craft.


Years later, after moving to Ohio, I bought a Brinkman horizontal smoker with chimney and firebox from a Lowe's sale for $150. I though it was the best (how little did I know! :-)). Found an unlimited source for free hickory wood and, I've got to say, I pretty well mastered that rinky-dinky Brinkman.


A year or so ago my wife bought me an Akorn - the red kind with its own wheeled stand and black metal folding shelves. I affectionately call it R2D2 because I'm about 25% nerd.


I really struggled with the Akorn. I loved everything about except one thing - I couldn't keep the right fire for 10-14 hours's worth of 200-375 degree heat. I was frustrated. I thought "If I can master the Brinkman, I'm not about to let this quality smoker kick my SmokyButt. 


I first found a great YouTube video by "BEER-N-BBQ by Larry" instructing me how to build and regulate the fire. I had trouble keeping it going, though, and Larry (who is also on this board) was selfless in helping me through dialog on that video's discussion area. But I still couldn't quite get my Akorn to do what I needed. I tried several times, sometimes getting an edible shoulder or brisket by relighting the fire in the middle once or twice and finishing in a 250 degree oven. Edible, though. That's about all I could say about it.


I'm no quitter. Until yesterday, my record for keeping a 200-275 degree temp in the Akorn was 4 hours.


Yesterday - after reading and really digesting the 7-page discussion here on Kamado Guru, "Can't control temps on Akorn". Yeah, I know that is over 3 years old, but it is awesome! I think it should be pinned! I'd read it before, but this time somehow something clicked.


No, I've still not be successful - yet - but yesterday I managed to hold a 200-275 degree temperature for a full 9 hours before it started it's permanent decline. That 9 hours was without any meat in the smoker, and during the daytime, and with a lot of fidgeting with the vents. But I never once opened the smoker and never once went too high or too low in temp.


I'm in Iowa, now. And in my small town there is a little BBQ restaurant that the locals think is great (it's name starts with "Smokin'" but I don't want to call it out. How sad. Seriously. It is the worst excuse for "smoked BBQ" I've ever experienced. My new community needs to know what it should really be like, or at least my closest friends should.


I'm bound and determined to master this Akorn and rock their world.


Glad to be here!



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Sounds like you are on your way.


Having a good grate level  thermometer was a big help because the dome one responds too slow.


I also had a lot of touble with the Akorn. For me getting the air slide to run tight and not flop was the final key.


There is a practical low point that  it will go out. It is so well insulated at at the low temp range the fire is hardly there.


Try a setting and just leave it and see what you get.


You can use a temp controller.


A lot of people love the Tip Top Temp and it is cheap.

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      Picked this up yesterday! Not sure what it is, but it is old. Got it from my SIL’s grandfather. 
      If any of you recognize it I’d love some info. 
      it’s got some rough patches but I’m hoping to patch it up and put it to use. 

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      First cook were some side ribs which turned out nice.  Mother-in-law brought some peaches over and asked if they could get grilled for a nice cobblerish dessert... so since the fire was still lit, opened up the vents full bore... realized that i had left the deflector moons in so I put some gloves on, took out the Divide and Conquer and (you guessed it) lay it on the plastic shelf -- WHOOPS!

      Did I mention that was my first cook? Oh well...
      I replaced the plastic slats with some untreated cedar. We'll see if that's just a temp solution.

      I did a few small cooks afterwards: some okay baby back ribs, and then a total failure on beef ribs -- bought some on sale which ended up not having enough meat and fat to keep it juicy when I overcooked it (luckily my wife made some awesome Mexican street corn salad as a side) --, then an okay small brisket (again, on sale at the grocery store).
      Decided that I'm ready for a real test: invited a few (Covid rules apply) friends for a brisket feast.
      Went to four grocery stores and Costco... No packers in stock.  Went to the Asian grocery and they only sell the point and no flat... Called my favourite butcher: "Of course, I have a 15lb brisket in the back." YES! Called my friends and said this weekend is BRISKET TIME! Got to the butcher: "That'll be 190 CAD (144 USD)..." GULP...  This better be the best darn meat ever...
      Consulted the all-knowing interweb for "How long to smoke 15lb brisket": 18.75 hours... Seems long, but okay, lets start at 11:00 pm and hopefully we'll be eating at 7ish tomorrow...

      Didn't get much sleep but maintained 250 for 11 hours. At the 12 hour mark, the temp of the KJ plummeted.  Oh no! What happened? Ran out of charcoal - fire was out. "Quick, honey, throw this in the warm oven while I get this thing to temp!"  Threw some BGE lump on to the KA basket to burn (we have a major shortage of lump here in Canada - love to know where to get good lump charcoal). Lost about 45 minutes of cooking time. Once it got back up to 250, I Texas-crutched the meat and threw it back in.  Came back 10 minutes later and the temp was up to 350. oh poo... Took another 45 minutes to get it down to 260.
      Okay, I've got time for a little nap before people come over... Told my wife and 18 year old son to watch it and if it goes over 300 (or under 250) to wake me up... Three hours later, I check it and it's at 310...  My bad, shouldn't have taken a nap...
      I threw it into a cooler and waited for my guests to come... I was worried because it didn't bend the way it should have when I lifted it up...
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      Besides, not taking a nap, buying a good wifi temp probe, and practice, any suggestions on improvements?
      I would like to try and do bacon (we live in a city with 60% Asians so pork belly is super cheap), smoked chinook/king salmon (recently came back from a fishing trip on the Coast and our freezer is packed with salmon and halibut), and a Montreal Smoked Meat... But first, perfect the brisket...
      Can I just smoke the point, as it's easier to source the part of the brisket here and no one in the family prefers the flat anyway?
      TIA for your read and your suggestions
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      And I have many questions... :)
      I have been lurking on the forums for sometime now and it's time to join finally. Glad to be here and talk to you fine folks.
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