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Home made smokers in Scotland

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I'm posting a few pictures of a really neat cold smoker and a hot smoker I saw while in Scotland. We were staying at the Corriechoille Lodge B&B near Spean Bridge.

The owner (Justin) cold smokes his own salmon for breakfast. It tastes incredible. The cold smoker he built is located on the side of a hill near the house. The fire box is underground and downhill from the smokehouse where he hangs his salmon. The smoke runs uphill through a pipe in the ground into the smokehouse. It stays pretty cool in the shade (even in summer) so he can cold smoke year around. It's a very simple setup but works great.

He fashioned his hot smoker from an old copper drum. It resembles a very crude kamado grill. He is able to control his temperatures pretty well by covering the holes at the bottom. Very simple setup that cost him 25 pounds to build.

I highly recommend this place if you're staying in the Highlands. The hosts (Justin and Lucy) are incredible and food is awesome.





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I saw a similar cold smoker the Kilcher's built on Alaska: The Last Frontier. Atz Lee put a Weber kettle in the ground, cut a hole in the top and ran some ductwork up a hill underground to a smokehouse he had built to hang and smoke salmon in.


He felt that running the pipe underground would cool the smoke and cause the heavy ash to fall out of the smoke as it traveled to the smokehouse.

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