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42 hour beef ribs, and short ribs.


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A couple weeks ago I was at the supermarket when they had a small pack of beef ribs and 2 packs of short ribs on sale.  I rubbed them all with McCormick steak seasoning and then vac sealed them. I put them in the freezer until I had time for a long sous vide. I put them all in my cooler for 42 hours at q35 degrees.  Many of the posts I've seen go for 48 hours for ribs but I wasn't going to be around at the 48 hours marked so I pulled them a few hours early hoping it would be enough. I pulled them out and as I removed them from the bags I put them on a plate and layerd paper towels like you do for bacon. I took them outside with my while the kj classic was still heating up giving them a chance to dry. When my joe was over 550 and still climbing I dropped them all on the greatest for a minute or 2 I wasn't really clocking it. These ribs were fantastic. Very tasty outside because if how fast and even they formed a cryst. The middle wasn't fall off the bone, but they were very tender.  It was a hell of an experience eating medium rare tender ribs. 






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