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Cooks on my new D&C

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I love my Vision Classic B buy have been critical of the design of it's cooking grates. Well the other day I leaned my lava stone up against a deck box, and some how it got knocked over and broke into 2-3 pieces. Since I knew I would have to spend $ to get a new stone anyway, I just added it to it & got the KJ D&C, it fits perfectly.


My first cook was pizza last Saturday, my second attempt at pizza. My first kamado pizza attempt some months ago ended in disaster with a badly incinerated crust, so I cooked them this time at about 425. Turned out great, but may go even a little lower next time to allow for more browning of the top, or perhaps I'll try lifting the pizza stone a few inches higher in the doom (I did this cook at the felt line). Anyway, the pics:










Next up was boneless, skinless bbq chicken thighs with roasted corn on the cob. Very simple cook but tasty none the less:






Next up I tried these smash burgers. Delicious, thank you Mr Cue! (Sorry, no pics...) The only problem I had is my griddle cooled off after cooking the first batch, or maybe it was all the fat on the griddle from the first batch, but the 2nd batch didn't get as crusty as the first batch. Next time I may need to figure out a way to get some of the fat from the first batch off the griddle before cooking the second.


Last night was salmon marinated in jalo-mango sauce (~ 20 minutes) and then grilled on the grill grates. This was really quite good, and simple to fix. Served with squash casserole & steamed broccoli. I know the grill marks don't add to the taste, but they sure add to the visual appeal! I need to use the grill grates more often!






Thanks for looking!



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great looking cooks Tarheel!  


I think you are on the right track with raising your next pizza cook.   Try that with the temp at 450.  I have used a few bricks on the top grate with the pizza stone on top of them.   adds a couple of minutes of forgiveness to the cook.   I assume you are still using what you can out of your diffuser stone.


I ran into the same thing making smash burgers last weekend.  I had cooked some sausage in the morning and saved about a tablespoon of the grease.   I got the skillet to around 450 and put the grease on there.   When I smashed the first batch of burgers, they wouldn't sear enough to crust up.   I removed them and took some paper towels and carefully soaked up most of the grease (with a glove on).   The next batch seared up just right.  weird...  I had used bacon to lube the skillet in the past and had no issues getting a sear.   Figured sausage grease would do the same and add a little flavor. 

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