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About to get my father's day cook on

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As I'm getting my big Joe fired up for dinner, on the menu tonight per request from my dad: ribs.

Got 4 racks here from Costco using 4 different rubs too. Gonna make grilled corn on the cob and cornbread on the side.

Should be good eats. Have a happy father's day to all the dads out there.


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Well guys these won't be the best pictures today I'm just doing quick cell phone shots and not using my main camera.

Decided to go with a few good size chunks of cheery wood today for smoke. I normally go with either apple or peach for pork cooks. But I haven't used cherry in a long time. I love the smell cherry wood smoke gives off.

Here they are just going on the big Joe. Probably could of used the extender rack to space them out more. But I got them all squeezed on there. So I hope they don't take too much longer than normal to get done.


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