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Holiday Prime Rib Success

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I decided to add some beef to our Christmas holiday meal and the local grocery store had USDA Select bone-in prime rib roasts for 6.49/lb. Picked up a 4.8lb roast with nice marbeling. Let it set in fridge for 4 days then coated with my wife's favorite Wild Bill's beef rub, covered with plastic wrap and let set in fridge for 24hrs. I placed the roast bone down in my new Lodge 5qt dutch oven uncovered, added 1/2 can beef broth, and placed on my King Griller Akorn after i had brought the lump charcoal (with a 3 small hickory bark chunks for a hint of smoke flavor) temp up to 300f.

Cooked at or below 325f for 1.5 hrs; added remainder beef broth to uncovered Dutch oven, and cooked until roast temp was 155f (about 2.5hrs). Let the roast rest for 10min the sliced for evening sandwiches. The roast was so tender and juicy, with just a hint of smoke, that it was flying off the platter as I sliced. Mmmmmm.

My only suggested change: add the whole can of broth to the dutch oven at start. If you prefer less well done pull roast at lower temp but this was perfect for my crew.

(The main course was tender/juicy buttermilk brined turkey breast indirect cooked on my Akorn using a Walmart 1/2 pizza pan diffuser)

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I haven't thought about doing that in my cast iron roaster. Hmm

For New Years, I put a boneless one right on the grate (using diffuser pan) and cooked it at 250. Pulled at 130-135 and it was perfect. Just a little kosher salt and black pepper before I put it on. My vultures tore it up... Even the kids.

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Regarding the buttermilk brine, what is your recipe?

A few years ago, I brined a whole chicken in buttermilk and tabasco overnight, and deep fried it ala fried turkey. It was delicious and really different. I haven't tried a buttermilk brine since, so was happy to see your reference.

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