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23"&32" from Steven Raichlen's BBQ U available

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I bought the 23 on the left Dennis gave me a deal i couldnt refuse plus the fact that Steven Raichlen cooked on it


I have been drooling over the kk since i have seen them and couldnt be happier that i finally am getting one


been a bge owner for awhile so this is really going to step up my game

Congrats!...Looks awesome (and a cool and unique story behind it - I wonder if there's any extra culinary magic in it from The Raichlen cooks? :-D )

...I'm "green" with envy...

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2 hours ago, mohctp said:

Too bad I'm a couple of years too late to this, I want the 32" real bad...

Dennis posted (over on the KK forum) the 32" that was used in Project Fire, too. That was posted about 2 months ago, but there was no followup to say it was sold. 


Might be worth a call to Dennis to see if it's still available. 

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