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Sous vide beef ribs part 2, an experiment in time.


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So a few weeks ago I did some beef ribs for 42 hours and they were great. This time I let them go 48 and pulled out 1 bag. I have 2 more bags going the full 72 hours to see how they come out. The ribs were very good same as last time but still had a bit more chew than I expected. I'm hoping later today the rest will be even better. Two batches were seasoned with McCormick steak rub and the other with a sweet mesquite rub. Next time I will dial back on the rub a bit as I think cooking in the Sous vide intesified the flavors. They were good but a bit spicier than I would have liked. I'm not big on spicy. I snapped a quick picture before they were eaten. Later today I will try to make sure I have time for more pictures. I have to say of all my kitchen gadgets the anova is quickly becoming one of my favorites. It's hard to beat the consistent results it produces especially for the little bit of effort it takes. Also it's just bad ### eating medium rare ribs. Soon I plan on doing the medium rare brisket to see how that is.


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So let me just say 72 hours is indeed magic. These ribs were unbelievably tender but not mushy. I took then out of the water bath but couldn't finish then at the time do to some other plans. Today I put then back in the water  while I fired up my kj. I got her up to about 700. While she was heating up I removed the ribs from the bag and dried them. I threw then on for just a minute to two on each side. I didn't time it. They were outstanding.  Nice crust on the outside but medium rare and tender all the way through. These ribs were very tasty and just melted in your mouth like butter. 




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