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I had some Cochinita Pibil leftovers thawed out so I tried something different by using it on a pizza. I tried to use ingredients that the people of the Yucatan use a lot of. Corn, black bean, the Cochinita, cilantro, pickled red onion, and soft boiled eggs.

This morning I made up some pizza dough and some pickled red onions.


I gathered my ingredients and cut some corn off the cob.


I rolled out the 2nd half of the dough. I didn’t want the toppings to burn from being in to long so I precooked the crust a little (3 minutes) and then cooked it in stages.


Now I spread out some Mexican Creama as the sauce.


Corn and beans.




and then the Cochinita and the cheese.


Placed it back on the pizza stone and cooked it for another 3 minutes. Brought it back in and added the final ingredients. (The pickled red onion, some soft boiled eggs and some yellow peppers)




Placed it back on the pizza stone and cooked it for another 3 minutes and here it is done.


This was an experiment and it turned out really well but I still liked the BBQ chicken pizza better. The flavor was good with the crunch of the crust, the savory pork, the rich and creamy soft boiled eggs, the sour of the pickled onion and a little kick from the yellow peppers. I will try this again and continue tweaking things to get the flavor to really pop.


Thanks for looking.

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Neat idea for a pizza , took me a few minutes to get my mind wrapped around the topping ingredients. I love pickled red onions though, never thought about putting them on a pizza.

Thank you 75tranzam. Yes it's it bit outside the box but was very good. The onions really added a nice layer of flavor. Sauerkraut is another ingredient that most don't think of for pizza but is very as well. I did a German / French cook once of some Flammekuchen (aka German Pizza) and the savory one (w/ sauerkraut) was fantastic.


Link: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/11352-flammekuchen-aka-german-pizza/?hl=flammkuchen

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Years ago I went on a scuba diving trip to the Yucatan Peninsula where I got certified as a cave diver (they have awesome caves down there). Very non touristy area.

There was about 6 of us that shared an apartment setup. Local Mayans came to our apartment and cooked us an authentic lunch and dinner every day. Great food, great trip. If I had the money I'd go again if nothing else just for the food.

Reef's Bistro

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Nice the boiled egg is interesting

Outback Kamado Bar and Grill♨

The pizza looks great,  Personally, i'm not sure about the egg, the rest of it looks wonderful!

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