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First ribs in the Vision Classic B

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How did you mop/spray them? Did you rearrange them?

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No mop, no spray, no nuthin'. I seasoned with rub the night before and smoked them with hickory and apple chunks. I've always wrapped them after 3 hours and left them go another 2 in the foil, but I trusted the kamado to keep things moist and it didn't let me down.

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Direct or indirect?

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Indirect. I used the lava stone that came with the kamado. I kept everything on the upper rack so they would all cook at the same temp. I was afraid if I put some on the lower rack they might get too much heat. 

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Now that's a big pile o ribs...Fred flint stone couldn't hope for more.

That's funny! Hey, if they don't all disappear at the party I know my kids will do them justice. Maybe if I'm lucky there will be a few left to take to work for lunch.

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