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Anyone on this site live in or near San Antonio?

Oly Smokes

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So next month my wife and I are going to San Antonio to visit her best friend. We will be there for 4 or 5 days. So I just had to ask if anyone out there can recommend some good old Texas BBQ in the area? I've been really wanting to try the famous Texas brisket amongst other things.

I think Austin is like an hour drive from there from what I was told. So of course that's where Franklin's BBQ is. But it's not easy getting in there from what I've seen. Wait in line for hours and hours to maybe get some food.

So I know there's tons of good BBQ joints all over Texas, so I was just curious what's s good place near San Antonio? Other than BBQ, is there any other recommendations? Any good burger joints or anything?

Thanks in advance.


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  You come to Austin and eat Barbecue, and if you go to San Antonio, partake in the Mexican food there.


  I eat in SA fairly often, and I can't think of a BBQ place I would go my way out of to eat at.


 Lockhart is not too terribly far from SA.  You may want to venture up to New Braunfels and try Coopers BBQ. An offshoot of the Coopers in Llano, as well as Austin.

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I live in SA

There are plenty of options that will satisfy you with out having to travel

The Granary at the Pearl

Two Bros Meat Market

BBQ Station

Just a few

Just wait till you get your hands on a proper brisket and egg breakfast taco

Burger joints chesters and longhorn cafe

But the Tex Mex is where

We will fatten you up nicely

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Over 20 years since I was there, so I can't recommend any restaurants, but I always had a great time on the riverwalk. Lots of live music and beer. Good times. I didn't realize how good I had it in the Army. Should have stayed in I think.

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Yes, go to Lockhart. My favorites are Black's or Smitty's. Kreuz was blah.

If in Austin, Stile's Switch is my go to when in a hurry and don't want lines.


  I went to dinner with one of the KJ reps last year, and both of us were very underwhelmed by Stiles Switch. Haven't been back since.  They were pretty busy that night.


 Kreuz seems to be empty every time I have been there lately. Usually I just grab a 25 count box of sausage and head home with it.


  If you like Blacks, two of the siblings have ventured out on their own in Austin and San Marcos.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'm sure they won't mind making a trip to the Austin area for some good BBQ.

I noticed lots of people suggested tex mex in San Antonio too. I think Mexican food is probably always been my favorite my whole life. So any particular restaurants I should check out?

Also one of my all time favorites is a good chicken fried steak. I know the old saying goes "everything bigger in Texas".

I've been to Houston once when I was a little kid but wasn't into BBQ back then. I do remember the Mexican food being a lot different than what we have up here in the pacific northwest.

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This thread doesnt fit in the kamado cooking and discussion section so I am mkving it to the cooler... This brings up a new issue that I will discuss wih the moderators and come up with a solution. The original poster will only have read only access to this thread after it is moved... Stay tuned for more details.

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Yep, Tex Mex isn't traditional Mexican food. We add lots of cheese and gravies/sauces to everything. And then the variations, as mentioned above, such as brisket tacos.

On the rare occasions we eat out, we stay closer to home, so I don't have an recommendations for Tex Mex in SA. Sorry.

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