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Granddad kamado rebuild


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8 hours ago, Baby Back Maniac said:

This looks so nice! Are you going to be afraid to actually use it? (or do your projects end better than mine do typically? lol)

Baby Back Maniac - my plan is to use it.  The 1st few firings i'm sure I will be uneasy until I get a feel for controlling the temp at 350 or less.   I still have more work to go, the fire box is not original, I think the prior owner said it's a BGE, it's a wee bit too wide so it does not sit on the bottom of the kamado, so I need to find a way to grind down some of the fire box.  My plan is to work on it this Friday.

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11 hours ago, d7k8 said:

In2fish... What kind of cement did you use on the inside of the base? It seems to apply more smooth than the second one. I'm in need of some right now, and don't know what to get exactly

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D8K8 - I used hercules high heat furnace cement, and it's definitely smooth.  My only issue is that  it developed a bunch of cracks that I mentioned in an earlier post.  I think it might have been that the product was old, I think it had a date stamp from April 2015.  Im no expert of high heat furnace cement, so i'm thinking it might have been a bad batch somehow, or it was past its shelf life if that's such a thing.   If/when I have another project kamado, I will try the hercules/oakely brand again, and hopefully my results will be better, if not I will move to a different brand.

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I'm close to being done.  I did more painting today.  I decided to add some red as a little nod to my Kamado Joes i already own and use.  it gives  the old Kamado a little color contrast.  I've also decided to repaint the bands red as well.






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More work on the old Kamado on Sunday, I just didn't get around to posting them. 


I made a new wooden handle. (no looking at the kamado behind the dowel, better exterior pics to follow...)  I quickly learned its much easier to drill a dowel, then cut it lengthwise, vs cutting then drilling.




In an earlier posting, I think I mentioned the firebox does not sit flush on the bottom of the Kamado.  It's sits about 1.25 inch high since the firebox is wider than the kamado interior radius on the narrowing portion.  I was thinking about grinding/sanding down the exterior of the firebox...which is too much work,just easier to use two bricks to raise the floor.



Next I fashioned a quick spark screen, not sure if this is overkill as I will only be running the kamado at 350F or less.  Since I had some perforated aluminum sheeting, I made a screen that fits snuggly on the inside.  It will make clean-outs a little harder, which might mean I purchase a ash rated shop vac.








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TA DA!    The exterior is (finally) Done!   I need to work on the interior a bit, I need to install a gasket, and create simple x-rack to hold a heat deflector/pizza stone to allow for indirect cooking, some type of adjustable top vent (purchase or make something i guess.)     Then I may to have do something better about the stand it sits in/on, something a little nice and wider/sturdier.    Hopefully in a week or two I can at least have an inaugural firing and get this old guy dirty again.






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On 7/12/2016 at 2:22 PM, marauders said:

as for the textured finish .. a sample try of exterior stucco with a textured  roller  and slightly knocked down .. would be worth trying on another surface.

I was going to suggest something similar like a drywall mud applied texture coat.  How it would hold up to the heat is anybody's guess but it might fare well considering these clay cookers are supposed to be kept under 300 degrees due to cracking 

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