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2 Pizzas On The Blackstone

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I put it together and fired it up today.. there might be a bit of a learning curve to controlling the temperature on this beast...




I had the ambient temp up over 1100 degrees in no time and the stone temp did max out my IR gun at 1022f shortly after...

Great, now you've got me wanting a Blackstone pizza oven! ;-)

Me too.

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I got a response from Blackstone in less than an hour... they are replacing this stone for me under warranty... that was pretty quick service!  In the mean time I have flattened this stone back out and gotten it back in the holder pan.  I think I should be able to cook on it with no problems... it' flat and not buckled up like in the photo. We should have some pizza photos tonight!

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I surely have the interest in something like this however I have to first master pizza cooking on my Classic and Jr. first.

I was in the process of doing just that when i decided to get one of these. I think this oven will make it easier and quicker to up my game. Mit definitely desnt take at long to bring this oven to temp and it doesnt burn up several pounds of charcoal in the process. I am curious to find out if there is a bug flavor difference between this and the kamado. I am thinking there wont be at the higher temps...

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