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Are Replacement Handles Available for Older Eggs?


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I'm relatively new to the forum and have some vintage Kamodo grills until last week when I picked up a used Large BGE. It was beyond disgusting and is in need of some parts. The last one I want to check off the the wooden lid handle pictured. It's 3 3/4" across and is tiny compared to a newer "large" model. It still works but it was exposed to such extreme temps that it has halfway converted to a piece of lump charcoal

I know that BGE has changed features on their grills over the years and suspect that mine is the earlier variety. It came on a BGE cypress cart with the green glazed feet. The hinge mechanism locks but isn't the newest style.

Does anybody know when these were produced? Are the small handles offered for sale by BGE or is there somebody that makes them as an aftermarket part?


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I HIGHLY recommend getting something super nice from Marty!  He's a member of the BBQ Brethren forum and I bought several of his custom handles to use on my Weber grills back when I was using those... the craftsmanship is fantastic and you can get it customized as you like!

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^^^^^^^ Ditto. You just have to make sure you get the right handle for your year BGE. BGE changed their handle configuration in 2012. You will want the Pre 2012 model handle. The AML site is well marked and will lead you to the right place. I have a custom handle out of African mahogany from AML carved with the inscription "KEEPEROVDEFLAME" for my 2012 BGE large. Wonderful craftsmanship. Nice selection of woods, Mahogany, Walnut, Maple, etc. I am thinking that BGE still makes a pre 2012 handle, as well. The number for the mother ship is 1(800) 793-2292 ask for Duane in Customer Service. Happy cooking.  



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Nice handle - Is this still available and how did it hold up for you


Mr. Toad 


Again - very nice

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