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First Kamado Pizza


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well I wanted to try for myself and I think it went really well.


First off I did have my son in the kitchen with the whole time....it's something that I've wanted for a long time but I wanted it to be something that he wanted to do as well...and tonight was the night!  First we made the dough rolled it into three balls and let it start to rise...he did all the measuring and I taught him how to roll the balls and oil them to rise.


Then we made the marinade for tomorrows cook of Korean short ribs....again, he did all the measuring and mixing and had to take a peak at the pizza dough a few times as well.  We got the ribs into ziplocs and added the marinade.


After about and hour and half I fired up the Akorn with the deflector stone in place and took it up to 500° or so and just left the vents wide open....we made one pie at a time and I don't have a pizza stone so I just put them on pans and put the pan on the iron grate.  I'll get a stone soon and if we will do this again on a regular basis...they were a big hit and everyone loved them!


Two pies were pepperoni and salami and the other was a margherita with basil from our herb garden.





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