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Hello from SoCal!


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Good Afternoon All,


Wanted to introduce myself and first off say thanks - this forum has been a huge wealth of information and I wanted to thank this Kamado grilling community for being so dedicated to their art.  About me quickly: Mid 30's, pilot in the military and brand new dad.


I recently bought a Pit Boss 24" at Costco while they had them on sale in July.  I've been waiting for years to get a new grill as my hand me down smoker sucked but I kept using it telling myself I would get one in my next move.  That move got postponed a year and so Costco's sale was too good to pass up!  Had to bite the bullet, granted I knew next to nothing about kamado's other than how versatile they are.  I am glad I did.  The Pit Boss seems a great introduction to ceramic grills and the value is hard to beat, plus paired with Costco's return policy(which I don't think I will have to use).  I exclusively used this site to review other kamado's and read as much as I could about Pit Boss grills. 


I travel a lot for work so the grill sat in my garage for several weeks while I was gone.  Got it half way built then my daughter decided she had had enough time in the oven and was born last week, pretty stoked she's pretty cute(but all parents say that).  Finally got my brother-in-law over to the house to finish my set up last weekend and smoked three racks of ribs I bought from Costco.  After the burn in and much trial and error trying to regulate temperature I am starting to get the hang of it - patience is obviously key.  I will say I love grilling on this thing.  It's awesome.  Made tri-tip and have done some steaks as well.  I use it every chance I get.


Upgrades and accessories so far:

-Pit Boss Heat Deflector

-Replaced stock dome thermometer

-Maverick wireless thermometer

-Lava lock felt gasket upgrade - added another layer to the top vent and sealed around the bottom vent

-Spider and two 16" half moon pizza stones from Ceramic Grill Store


Any other recommended accessories?  Looking forward to learning more and trying new and exciting recipes.  Now if only I could figure out how high to fill the firebox... its been trial and error every time not blowing past my target temperature.




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Welcome to both you and your new Pit Boss. Sounds like you have pretty much what you need, at this point anyway. An unfortunate  side affect  (for your wallet) is that money seems to just fly out of your pocket when you own a kamado and walk anywhere near BBQ accessories.  Enjoy you new grill and the forum conversation. Make sure to post some cooks.  On the fire box, fill it to the top before each cook. I go right on past the air holes and fill the whole thing. Your temp is a result of the size of your fire and the amount of air you feed it. If you want to go low and slow, light one spot in the middle of your lump. No need to build some intricate volcano  structure with the lump, I just fill my bowl and level it off at the top. With one spot lit let it burn for about 5 or so minutes until it established it self and then copse the lid and set you vents. I recommend starting with about 1/4 to 1/2" on the bottom vent and less than a 1/4" on top. Set it and watch it and see what happens to your temp. Happy cooking. 

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Cheers from Alaska!  Which branch?  Fixed wing or rotary?  Many congrats on the new additions baby... and grill :)

Other recommendations: Bags and bags of lump coal and tons of meat!


Look on the bright side...with the little one, you'll have the opportunity to check on those all night cooks, regularly!

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Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new additions, also thank you for your service. Sounds like your off to a great start, the only other thing you'll need is lots of coal and a great camera! 

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