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High temp sear, indirect finish.

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Last night I took out one steaks I had prepared according to John video but I had vacuum sealed it and froze to use later date. I got my Kamado up to 500, one side was set up with cast grate on direct side in low position, the otherside half moon defector and high part Half moon grate. I seared on direct side 90 seconds, rotated 90 sec flip and repeated cycle. I then ,over steak to indirect side to finish. Turned out delicious, I like mine with a little more pink but if I too much my wife won't eat so I comprised. First photo is steak still in vacuum bag, next is after searing finished, Final two are of the finished steak.





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So when you do a sear or reverse sear do you do so with the lid open or closed?  My M.O. is to sear 2" thick steaks in a cast iron skillet first and then indirect at around 300 until ready.  I tried doing a reverse sear in my gas grill but it just wasn't hot enough for the job, even with the grate setting on the flavor bars.

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