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Challenge Voting - Please Read!

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In an effort to get everyone to focus more on the entries and less on who’s leading (or losing) the voting, we have just instituted a change to the Voting Poll. This will make it more like blind voting. Previously you could see where everyone stood in the voting “before” you voted by clicking on the “View Results” button. Ideally we wanted to just hide this button completely so there was no way to see the results before you voted. (Blind Voting) Unfortunately the software (as it stands today) will not let John do that, so he did it the only other way he could to achieve the same results.


You will now notice that button says “View Results (Null Vote)” What that “(Null Vote)” means is that that you can still see the results but if you do so, your vote will not be able to be cast. In other words it “Voids your Vote”


Please do not click on this button if you intend to vote in the poll. Place your vote first and the results will come into view after that.


What we want is for everyone to examine all of the entries. Then cast their vote for the entry that they deem the best one, base on the criteria that they determined was important. Please don’t worry about who is winning or losing. That will work itself out on its own.

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