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    • By Go Apps
      Hello, I’m in the market for a temperature controller for my Big Joe. I’m trying to decide between the Flame Boss 500 and the Fireboard 2 
    • By Chap Swinson
      Bbqube temperature controller.  Like new.  Used once or twice.  $80 plus cost of shipping.  PM if interested.  South Carolina.  

    • By Marty
      This home made grill temp controller  looks easy to make and will run around $50.  In the test run in the second video it seems to perform  well and if it does not then the cost is only sround $50.
    • By BennyB
      Hi guys, does anyone have dramas with their temp control while using a Kick Ash Basket in their Pit Boss Kamados? I recently got one and since then i've been struggling to keep the temp below 300f. The picture here is the bottom vent when the Pit Boss is at 300f, I can barely shut it any further. I don't have any leaks through the gasket or top air vent so I don't think much air could be getting in there (I leave the bottom plate in too), and I don't have any dramas closing it all off to starve the charcoal. I light with a single fire lighter in the centre and #### down the vents about 50-100f before the target temp. Any ideas on what I can do to get it under control? Cheers in advance.

    • By AkornJim
      New to this forum and wanted to give a big THANKS to previous post on temp control problems with the Akorn brand Kamado.  I lost the thread and could not reply but one individual decided to return his Akorn to Home Depot due to frustration.  I had exact same problems and was glad to see that it was ignorance with the air flow and lack of patience.  So a big thanks to all that posted.  My Akorn's fire died this morning after putting on a butt and following the user guide that said to shut top vent completely.  After reading the forum, re-starting and being patient, it is has been holding at ~300 for the past hour and a half and I am slowly letting it get down to around 225 (hopefully).
      Now to the questions.  One cook book I have states to let grill stabilize to grilling temp, then place the ceramic heat diffuser into the unit, then place the grate on and then add the meat.  My fear is that if I did this the Akorn brand ceramic heat diffuser would crack due to the temp shock.  
      So first question: Is their recommendation to let the grill reach desired temp PRIOR to adding the diffuser BS?
      Second Question: If I do that will it crack the diffuser?
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