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Neighborhood Crawl

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My neighborhood is having a crawl this evening. There are four stops where each house provides food and a drink. We are the second stop and are doing pulled pork sliders with a slaw topping and mojitos made with fresh mint from our garden. There will also be beer, wine and soft drinks.

This is the first time I am doing an unattended smoke on my KJ. I have to work today but will come home to check on it at lunch.

Lit the coals and brought to 225 for half hour heat soak.


Meat in at 7:15


I'll update as it goes.

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Temperature was a little low at lunch just over 200. No worries.

Before wrapping.


After wrapping


Temperature now.


I made a slight adjustment to the vents. It should stabilize between 225 and 250.

I have to leave so I won't really know till I get home. I'm doing this blind. No electronic temp monitoring.

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So at 3:45 or so the thunderstorms hit with a major downpour at least at my office 5 miles from home. Temp at 5:25 on the lid 220.


About to check the meat temp.

Meat is at 195 perfect. Time to rest it and make the slaw. Cheating on the slaw. Bagged slaw and bottles dressing but hey it's a work night.

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Great looking pulled pork! I'm sure everyone loved it. It's nice having a cooker that will just chug along doing its thing while we do something else (work, sleep, etc). I have started putting my butts on around 10:30 or 11 after I've gotten temps stabilized and go to bed and not worry about it. Haven't had a problem yet and it is nice getting some sleep while cooking low and slow.

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