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Jalapeno Cheddar bread recipe

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From the desktop of my computer. I frequently write these things down with pictures because friends ask me for recipes and I like to keep records.  No big deal, if it's a problem just take it down.

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    • By Rob_grill_apprentice
      Whole Wheat Bread, made with Hard red spring wheat as whole wheat and hard white artesian flour for base.   Need to improve my scoring but very happy with crust texture and crumb.  Flavour is clean flavoured and light.   Hydration was 68%.  I used 3% honey to balance strong flavour of hard red spring whole wheat flour.   The balance was perfect.    Very happy with pre-fermented method for making dough.  

    • By Rob_grill_apprentice
      Test run on Roasted Potato bread with Roasted Garlic was successful.   I forgot to spray plastic wrap with oil and as a result top of loaf stuck to wrap which is why loaf top looks the way it does, and why the loaf is more square.  After removing the stuck wrap, the top collapsed about 1 inch so I gave an extra 10 minutes to proof before baking on my Kamado.   Taste and texture very good.   I think if I were to pair with about 2% rosemary the resulting loaf might be excellent in flavour,  very happy with this test run.  Garlic flavour very good and not overpowering.   Next week my test run will be with Roasted Potato bread with Roasted Onions.

    • By Rob_grill_apprentice
      Rosemary roasted potato bread - test run successful.    Hydration 61%, fresh rosemary at 1 %, hard red spring whole wheat flour at 15%,  Hard white wheat artesian flour at 85%, roasted potatoes at 25%.  Taste is very nice, rosemary not overpowering,   Might try again at 2% later next year.    Still need to improve my shaping so line in bottom not visible.   If this was entered in to bread baking contest I would lose some points.  Everything else would score decently. This is another success as far as I am concerned for taste, crumb, texture and moisture.  
      Temperature outside was -9C,   Made sure final dough temperature after final kneading at 75 F.

    • By Rob_grill_apprentice
      Here is my test run on Roasted Potatoe bread, hydration is 61% with  Hard white artesian flour 85%, 15% whole wheat flour from hard red spring wheat and 25 % roasted yellow potatoes.   I still need to practice fendu shaping, you can see in picture fendu shape not right yet.  The dip in middle needs to more like a u shape. Only Pate Fermentee was not in pictures otherwise all other ingredients where.  Taste is very nice with roasted potatoes as part of the bread. 

    • By Rob_grill_apprentice
      Rustic bread test run was successful.   I used 2.2 kg scale.  Base of recipe was same dough as country bread but this time bread has 20% whole-wheat  (10% rye, 10% hard red spring wheat).   I have to thank Larry about his YouTube video where to said to shut vents after 10 minutes,  the bottom of crust was perfect.   Very happy with taste.    This bread delicious on own and can be eaten with other dishes.  

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